A downloadable game for Windows

Two player game where you have to get the last Butella pot.

I. Synopsis

- Ads: "Butella at -70% in your InterMarcket!"
- You: "Awesome!! Let's go to the InterMarcket now!"
- Stranger: "The last butella pot?!"
- You: "I gonna buy it before you!"
- Stranger: "Go try kid!"

II. Requirements to play

- A computer.
- Two players.
- Two controllers (We have developped the game with XBox One Controller).

III. Credits

Made in 48h by Valentin Michalak & Diana Prebin

Resources used:
    - Engine: Unity
    - Pixel Art: Adobe Photoshop
    - Sound Design: SFXR
    - Music: ET16 - This...is...football


Butella - Windows.zip 12 MB

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